Behind The Lens: A Photographic Look Back at 2019 by The Equestrian Vagabond

Continuing a popular tradition, Merri Melde, The Equestrian Vagabond, reflects back on outstanding photographic moments of the previous year in her online gallery, “A Fun Look Back at 2019.”

The chosen images include scenic endurance rides, candids of the Owyhee home herd in southwest Idaho, and Between The Ears shots.

“By far, the most outstanding adventure of last year was my 8-day, 300-km tölt across Iceland aboard Icelandic horses,” Merri said. “Not only was the scenery absolutely stunning, but the riding was one of the wildest and most magical adventures I’ve ever had. Icelandic horses make the best Between The Ears shots because of their fluffy forelocks and manes!”

Merri served as Official Photographer in 2019 at numerous AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) endurance rides in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and California (including the AERC National Championships); and she carried her camera as she competed in endurance rides in Idaho and Oregon aboard Arabians and the Standardbred Hillbillie Willie.

Willie, owned by endurance rider and artist Steph Teeter, provides wonderful photographic opportunities on the endurance trails and at home, as he regularly gets into mischief, both with his herd-mates and without any help from them at all.

Merri’s photographs and articles appear in various horse magazines, including Arabian Horse Life, Mules and More, and Equus, and she writes and photographs regularly for Teeter’s She’s author of numerous short e-stories and three books, including the just-released Tales From the West: Four Seasons in the Owyhee Country.

For more information on The Equestrian Vagabond and to see more samples of Merri’s work, see:

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