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Riding & Writing is Gina McKnight’s blog about horses, writers, authors, books, cowboys, equestrians, photographers, artists, poets, poems, and more horses.

 An author, freelance writer, equestrian, blogger, and poet, Gina McKnight, Monday Creek Publishing, highlights several interviews from her collection.

Writing of Horses: An Interview with Pete Monaco -  From Arizona, meet freelance writer Peter Monaco. Peter is the one usually conducting the interview. He writes for The Desert Valley TimesThe Spectrum, and Bet ChicagoHis columns are informative and fun, writing “…on horses, horse racing and the good and bad people involved in the sport.”  Archived from Gina's monthly column at Florida Equine Athlete

The Big Sky Boys: An Interview with Author Todd Linder - From Montana, USA, Todd Linder is the author of the new children’s book The Big Sky Boys and Life on the Spinnin’ Spur (Monday Creek Publishing 2019). Written for ages 7-12, Linder sets the story in the West of bygone years, the Big Sky Boys live and work together on the Spinnin’ Spur ranch along with the ranch cook and Rooster's pet armadillo, Albert. They work the hard life of cowboys, but there’s always a way to have a little fun while working!

 Milliron - A beloved veterinarian from Maine to Colorado to the Ohio Valley, follow the legacy of Abbott P. Smith, DVM, Athens, Ohio, in "Milliron: The Biography" and follow on my Amazon Author Page! Every Monday is Milliron Monday!

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