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TICKS-OFF® New Formula Coming in 2020 – New Scent with Even Slicker Formula

TICKS-OFF®, the first ever tick-deflective product for pets, came out in 2017 and revolutionized the way we protected dogs and horses from ticks. Now in 2020 we are working on a new formula that takes our already wonderful lavender scent and adds in a hint of citrus. This new formulation will also be even slicker than our already effective spray which literally makes the coat Too Slick for Ticks. Making a formula that is more effective than the existing one has been quite a challenge and we are proud to announce that thru testing multiple revisions we are finally achieving this higher level of excellence. We anticipate having this new formula available for the impending Spring onslaught of ticks throughout the U.S.

This innovative and sensible solution safely protects your pets from ticks by preventing them from latching onto the animal. TICKS-OFF® formula is unique from other tick products in that it is not designed to kill or chemically repel them with toxins. Instead, TICKS-OFF® spray literally prevents ticks from attaching onto your pets’ coat, effectively keeping the animal naturally safe and tick free.

Tick-Borne diseases are rampantly spreading throughout the US at the highest rates ever and are being found in a growing number of new regions around the country. Horses that may incur exposure to ticks should be routinely checked over for ticks, especially after activities such as trail rides. Looking for ticks on horses requires using both your eyes and your hands. It is always best to examine your horse systematically, starting at the nose and working backward to the tail.

Flysprays, as well as flea sprays, are rarely effective at keep animals safe from ticks. Whether using an over the counter fly spray laden with pyrethrin’s, or a natural fly spray, it is unlikely either will be particularly effective in keeping ticks off of horses. Repellent fly sprays actually allow the ticks onto the horses and then hope with time they might be repelled.

Mainstream products for small animals, such as Frontline or Advantix II, are designed to kill ticks, not deflect them. These products actually allow ticks onto your pets. It can take several days before the ticks succumb to the poison and die. During that time, the ticks can be biting your pets and are free to climb onto other pets, or even your family members. Unfortunately, it only takes about 24 hours for a biting tick to infect your pet with deadly diseases such as Lyme disease or the Powassan virus, which can potentially cause paralysis and even death.

TICKS-OFF® is so simple to use - just spray onto the areas that ticks are most attracted to (legs, mane, tail, head, belly or overall body), allow to dry and you’re ready to hike or hit the trails. It’s immediately effective at deflecting ticks, one application lasts for days and does not leave an oily residue. In fact, it will leave your pets’ coat soft, lustrous, deeply conditioned. TICKS-OFF® has no toxic chemicals, NO negative side effects, and can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with most all other pest-prevention products. And it works to deflect bot fly eggs and prevents static!

For more information on the Ticks-Off®, please visit us at http://www.Ticks-Off.com, or email us at info@Ticks-Off.com, or call us at (661) 821-7014 and please follow us on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out this other wonderful equine products also created by Shelly Black:  Secret Synergy Stones EMF protective jewels for horses, humans & other pets, also:  Serene By Nature equine calming cream for improved focus, calmness and reduced spookiness. And Shelly has written a fabulous FREE ebook: www.HealthyHorseHolistichHandbook.com

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