Cowboy Dressage World Summer Show Shines in New Cool Location

Cowboy Dressage World ( has moved its Summer Show, June 20-21, to the cool location of Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, California. This new location is a also a vacation destination for the whole family.  Exhibitors can escape the hot summer temps and enjoy cooler coastal weather. The fairgrounds host 30 equine shows a year so they know what they’re doing, and the bonus is that camping is available. Premiums and entries for the show can soon be found at (keep checking).

For those who want to watch and learn about this sport, auditors are welcome to come to a free mini clinic on Friday, June 19 in the afternoon. Your questions are welcome!

Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds is a pivotal location for a variety of wonderful places to visit like sunny beaches, world-acclaimed Monterey Bay Museum, the quaint hamlet of Carmel (bring your credit cards!), Santa Cruz’s boardwalk with rides and salt water taffy, Monterey’s Cannery Row (the subject of John Steinbeck’s book) — and many other places the family will enjoy. So pack up the horse, the spouse and all the kids.

Cowboy Dressage is a fast growing discipline that combines the elegance of classical dressage and the age-old fashion of Western riding and lifestyle. Their philosophy is to acknowledge “try” of both horse and rider, encouraging the use of soft feel and understanding. Cowboy Dressage promotes a new way to be with your horse, with kindness as your guide. It furthers a fun atmosphere of belonging to a group of like-minded horsemen, and of taking you and your horse to greater accomplishments. In fact, Cowboy Dressage World offers a free way to become part of the Cowboy Dressage family—a simple (virtual) handshake. The organization invites people to harken back to when a person’s word meant something. The Cowboy Dressage Handshake is their Code of the West. By agreeing to the Handshake principles of try, kindness, trust and being the very best you can be, each member becomes part of the Cowboy Dressage World. (Pledge for free at

For more information about the Cowboy Dressage World Summer Show, contact Bev Meyers at or 916/335-0647. For more information about the discipline, visit

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