Premier Equestrian ProTex Arena Footing Product Used at WEF

When the executive committee at Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) decided to upgrade the International Arena at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) there were many products to choose from. In the end, after exhaustive testing and research the choice was clear, they chose Premier ProTex®, Premier Equestrian’s flagship arena footing product.

“It’s a big win for us,” said Premier Equestrian CEO Mark Neihart, “There are many good footing products available, and ESP chose ProTex to blend with the top layer sand.” ESP’s decision to upgrade the International Arena set off a search for the very best components to achieve the very best arena surface. “The International Arena is the crown jewel of the jumping world,” explains Neihart, “It is a rare venue that has continuous competition for a full twelve weeks at WEF, the Winter Equestrian Festival. Because the arena has so many horses riding on it for so many days there are special footing considerations not found in other venues. ProTex meets those challenges because of features that other footing products lack.”

Premier ProTex® is a combination of textile and fibers that is blended with sand. One main feature of ProTex is how it is made. Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian explains. “When we produce ProTex we use equipment that chops the material. All other competing products are made with grinding equipment. ‘Chopped not ground’ is what makes ProTex different, and better.” Zorn continues, “Grinding the material breaks it down, pulls it apart, makes it less durable. Chopping the material keeps the textiles intact and therefore more durable, lasting longer, and providing superior performance when mixed with the correct sand.”

The correct sand is a critical part of the recipe. The team at PBIEC sifted through many sand options to find one to meet their rigid specifications for drainage capacities, compaction, shear resistance and responsiveness. They chose two different sand types for their footing. Then they prepared different sand formulas blended together with the Premier ProTex® product to determine the final footing mix.

Dave Burton Chief Operating Officer for ESP was there for the entire process. “We are very happy with the end result,” said Burton. “We have a top FEI rating and more importantly happy riders and horses. I would say the PBIEC’s International Arena is one of the finest top performance equestrian arenas in the world.”

Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading supplier of high-quality footing products, arena groomers, base mat systems, and arena consultation. Premier Equestrian is a recognized expert in horse arena footing as it relates to equine biomechanics. This knowledge is used daily to help horse owners across North America improve arenas and footing. Premier Equestrian has developed proprietary blends of textiles and fibers used to stabilize sand. Premier’s arena grooming equipment have features not found elsewhere. Premier is the Exclusive North American distributor for OTTO Sport arena base mats. Premier Equestrian products are used in a multitude of venues worldwide, most recently installed in the International Arena at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. Visit their website at or call 800-611-6109.

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Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian

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