Haygain Steams Into Winter Equestrian Festival

Beezie Madden, Jessica Springsteen & Darragh Kenny among hay steamers signing autographs in Haygain Vendor Village booth Weeks 5 & 7.

 The Haygain team settles into its Vendor Village exhibition booth at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. The manufacturer of high-temperature hay steamers and ComfortStall Orthopedic Sealed Flooring is on site throughout Week 5, (Feb. 4-8) and Week 7 (Feb. 19-23) in a booth near the Oasis food court in the heart of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center show grounds.

Beezie Madden, Jessica Springsteen and Darragh Kenny are among the star international show jumpers scheduled to autograph photos for fans in the Haygain booth. The first autograph session takes place Saturday, Feb. 8, from 12-1 p.m., with Beezie, Jessica and rising U25 star Annabella Sanchez. On Saturday, Feb. 22, the line-up includes Irish star Darragh Kenny, Margie Goldstein Engle and Andrew Welles, also from 12-1 pm. Please monitor Haygain's Facebook page, Haygain USA, for the latest updates on additional top rider signings.

These show jumpers are among the rapidly growing ranks of international equestrians who trust Haygain Steamed Hay to provide clean, irritant-free hay for their high-performance horses -- and, often, their beloved retirees, too.

Haygain high-temperature steaming eliminates up to 99% of the respirable particles found in even top-quality hay. These include dust, mold, fungi and bacteria. These microscopic particles are the leading cause of respiratory problems that compromise the health and performance of a shockingly high percentage of active sporthorses: 88% percent, according to a three-year study published in the Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine in 2018.

Hay steaming also adds water to the diet to aid digestion, improves palatability and reduces allergy symptoms that often manifest in skin problems.

Haygain's three steamer models are on display at the WEF booth: the HGOne, which steams 1-2 flakes of hay; the half-bale HG600; and the full-bale HG2000.

ComfortStall Orthopedic Sealed Flooring is also on display at the Haygain booth. This three-component flooring features proprietary orthopedic foam that provides cushioned support. It's ideal for joint health, recovery from surgery or injury and for inducing deep, restful sleep. Thanks to a reinforced rubber top cover that is sealed to the stall walls with anchor strips, ComfortStall prevents urine from seeping into and accumulating on the stall floor, as happens with traditional stall mats. That creates healthy barn air and a significant reduction in shavings, maintenance and labor.

For more information on Haygain, visit www.haygain.com

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