The Dressage Today Podcast Brings Inspiration and Education to Riders of All Levels

Over the years, Dressage Today has served as the premiere educational resource for dressage riders of all levels—through print articles, social media tips, training videos and now podcasts. The Dressage Today Podcast, introduced in Fall 2019, allows a new way for fans to immerse themselves in dressage, with insights and inspiration from all corners of the community.

“Adding the Dressage Today Podcast to our offerings has been a lot of fun,” said Jennifer Mellace, Dressage Today’s content director and co-host of the podcast. “Whether it’s training tips from top experts, health care advice from leading vets or just fun interviews from one of our many travels, this podcast just gives us one more avenue to bring great information to Dressage Today’s loyal followers.”

Since the show’s inception, Mellace and co-host Lindsay Paulsen have featured guests ranging from Olympians to dedicated Adult Amateurs to tack and equipment experts. The pair has chatted with Pan American Gold Medalist Lindsay Kellock, Germany Olympian Dorothee Schneider, American dressage icons George and Roberta Williams and more. Other topics have included a discussion of blanketing basics, what it’s like to live, work and train in Europe, as well as an adventure to Bermuda to explore the country’s dressage community.

“We know that the sport of dressage includes riders of all ages, abilities and levels, and it’s important to us that Dressage Today reflects that,” adds Paulsen. “We like to think that the Dressage Today Podcasts offers a little something for every rider—whether that’s practical advice, words of encouragement or a little bit of inspiration.”

The hosts of the Dressage Today Podcast look forward to welcoming a variety of exciting new guests to the show throughout 2020.

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