The Equestrian Vagabond Celebrates 50th Cover Photo

The March 2020 issue of Mules and More magazine marked Merri Melde’s 50th magazine and industry directory cover.

Beginning with the Texas Thoroughbred in 2000, The Equestrian Vagabond’s photos have also appeared on the covers of Endurance Equestre (France), Idaho Magazine, The Bulletin (New Zealand), Endurance News, Southern Racehorse, The Horsemen’s Journal, Washington Thoroughbred, and Mules and More magazines, and other equine industry directories and brochures.

“This 50th cover was very special,” Melde said, “as it accompanied my story on Heart 2 Heart Ranch in Idaho, where Trinity and Jeff Jackson’s mules develop healing bonds with disabled children and their families. We are lucky to see the therapeutic results of these magical equines at our local endurance rides, where the kids (sponsored by Trinity and often her sister, Jill) canter by on the trails, laughing and loving life, despite what personal or medical issues they may have to overcome.

“I’m particularly grateful to the editors I have worked with and continue to work with over the years who have chosen my photos to accompany stories and features. I’m honored to be able to contribute to and be a part of the equine journalism industry.”

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Contact: Merri Melde

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