GGT Footing – Spring Ahead with Our Grey and White 30% Fiber Blends, Special Reduced Rate for Immediate Sale

Spring Savings for all!! From $1.09 a pound to .85 cents a pound…a 20,000 sq. foot arena can be topped off for as little as $4,250!

 If you are looking to improve the quality of the arena footing at your riding location, now is the time to take advantage of this great savings.

We have many blends available, and several options to consider. But don’t wait!

Call Amanda Wild for the West Coast states at 864-415-2526 or email at

Call Barbara DiPalma for the East Coast at 864-804-8664 or email at

About GGT Footing
For over 20 years GGT-FOOTING has been supplying equestrian arenas worldwide with our arena footing additives. We have arena consultants around the world including FEI arena consultants.

GGT-Footing is used at world class facilities and private farms all over the world.  We offer dust free footing, Butterfly Matting systems for riding arena base and we offer the arena conditioners to help keep your arena in top performance shape!  Our mission is to offer protection of the Equine Athletes that give so much to their riders and owners.  Please visit our website to learn more about our offerings:

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