Statement from American and International Associations of Professional Farriers

We understand this is an incredibly challenging time for all. We want you, our members and others in the horse industry, to know that the American and International Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF) continues to work as an advocate of the farrier industry.

An important question that has been asked is whether farrier service is considered an "essential business".

The AAPF/IAPF are advocating for all farrier and equine veterinary practices, as animal health care professionals, to be considered essential businesses in any situations in which non-essential businesses are asked to close for COVID-19 risk mitigation. Farriers, veterinarians and our teams provide important animal and public health surveillance and deliver essential hoof care.

Healthcare professionals (whether human or equine) are being asked to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE).  All healthcare professionals need to adopt strategies that will allow them to conserve PPE as much as possible, including farriers and veterinarians.

We will continue to monitor multiple mission-critical topics and engage with organizations across the healthcare spectrum, as well as federal and state authorities and public health officials. This situation is quickly evolving, and your associations are working diligently and adapting minute-by-minute. Our commitment is to provide substantive information and guidance to you, our members and others, and the farrier and veterinary communities as soon as it is available.

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

Cathy Lesperance APF-I
2020 President
American & International Associations of Professional Farriers

Wesley Stewart CF APF-I
2020 President
International Association of Professional Farriers - Australia

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