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While everyone is distancing themselves due to the Corona Virus scare, it’s important to try to keep things as normal as possible. Our horses still need to eat and be exercised/trained. Hopefully anyone who is working or spending more time at home will use the time to work with their horses. “Since rated shows that I had planned to compete in have been canceled, I am using the time to train so that when I can resume my competition schedule, I will be ready to perform higher level tests,” says Noelle Vander Brink, avid dressage rider and editor of Elite Equestrian.

This is a perfect time to educate yourself by catching up on your reading. Elite Equestrian magazine is FREE to read online at and every issue from our very first issue in 2008 is available. All ads hyper-link as well. In addition to the thousands of articles in the many issues with subject matter including but not limited to: health issues, fashion, home décor, training, book reviews, rider interviews, and more, there are hundreds of articles posted on the web site.

Although many are staying home and cutting back on shopping trips, there are always items that are still needed. Please visit our web site and view our digital issues. With every ad hyper-linking to our advertiser’s web sites, it is easy to order what you need and have it shipped.

Before we know it, our world will be back to normal and we all need to stay on top of our games and be prepared to continue on. Don’t be behind, use this time to rev up and hit the ground running when the social distancing ban is over.

Bill Vander Brink, Publisher
Elite Equestrian magazine



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