HRN Concert with Templeton Thompson – All Media Outlets Can Carry the Concert Live

In order to help horse people take their minds off Coronavirus for a few hours the Horse Radio Network is doing a series of free online concerts starting with the amazing Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay.  Templeton is well known in the horse world for her music about horses including "Girls and Horses" and "When I Get That Pony Rode".

The concert is being held Wednesday night (March 25) at 8pm Eastern.  It will be broadcast via Facebook Live to dozens of Facebook pages across the horse world.  Any media outlet is free to promote and carry the concert on their FB pages.  For all the details visit the FB Event page.  You can manually share the concert when it starts or we can set up a Crossposting on Facebook so it happens automatically.  Please email if you want to get this set up.

Let’s all help unite the horse world with some music and fun Wednesday night!

About Horse Radio Network
The Horse Radio Network (HRN) is proud to be the “Voice of the Horse World” and home of the most entertaining equine radio shows/podcasts on the Internet. HRN currently produces a multitude of  different shows and just passed 10,000 episodes. Their lively interviews and fun segments by horse industry experts and professionals have generated millions of downloads, and fans from all corners of the globe.  HRN’s unique format is a mix of entertainment and education that engages listeners in a friendly and dynamic way.

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