Birthday Coloring Book Series for Horse Crazy Girls Now Available from Ariana Marshall

Coloring book author Ariana Marshall releases horse coloring books for horse crazy girls of all ages

Author Ariana Marshall announced the publication and immediate availability of the Horse Happy Birthday Coloring Books for ages 1-10. The 10 horse coloring books are each customized with birthday messages and greetings for each birthday 1 through 10.

“I originally created a few horse themed coloring and activity books as standalone birthday gifts for horse crazy friends,” says author Ariana Marshall. “Since then, I’ve heard from shoppers that they’ve given these full-sized coloring books as birthday cards (instead of generic, non-horsey birthday cards) and as a goody bag surprise for horse themed birthday parties.”

The slim Horse Birthday Coloring Books for 1st – 10th birthday celebrations feature 20 age-appropriate single-sided horse coloring pages with birthday greetings sprinkled throughout the book. The coloring books are suitable for horse lovers ages 1-10 and are available under Ariana Marshall’s “Pink Crayon Coloring” brand on Amazon.

The Horse Birthday Coloring Books for 1st – 10th birthdays are available in the U.S. and many international Amazon platforms:

Ariana Marshall is the co-author of the 2020 Dressage Rider’s Journal and 2020 Jumper Rider’s Journal as well as many other children’s coloring books under the “Pink Crayon Coloring” brand. She also collaborates with local businesses and online influencers to create custom coloring books for subscription boxes, special events and celebrations.

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