GGT- Footing™ Offering Promotions

Have you been thinking about some upgrades to your farm lately?

Since so many people are staying home, now is a perfect time to improve your facility.

We at GGT Footing offer alternatives to rubber mats for your stalls, arena footing for hot walkers, arenas, round pens and riding tracks…. dust and mud control and new arena groomers.

The best deal of all: Buy ten thousand pounds of our white jumper blend get a free 57-inch groomer!

We are offering specials, buy footing, get arpolith dust control at buy one get one free!

Buy our Arena mats and get footing at half off!

We have reduced the price of our grey and white jumper blend to accommodate those w limited budgets.

We now have new groomer products for your arena maintenance.

The groomer Facebook page is GGT FOOTING FACEBOOK PAGE

If you wish to sell your arena groomer -feel free to post on the USED GROOMERS FOR SALE Facebook page!


Cynthia Brewster Keating
National Sales Manager
GGT- Footing ™


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