Allen Press’ “Support Your Communities Initiative”

A cost effective alternative to your current publications to 1) Save Money 2) Support your advertisers 3) Support all of your communities.

A great option to reach out to your community in a super positive way! BECOME THE COMMUNITY HERO!

It is quick, easy and helps the whole publishing ecocycle.

Contact Doug Hay at and I’ll send you pricing and timelines.

Here’s how it works:

Print a smaller edition of your brand that will really help your advertisers.  So many ideas can come from this if you put on your creative hat!

(If you need ideas we have over 25 good ideas from other Publishers that are doing this same thing, just give us a shout!)

We will turn these editions in 48-72 hours so you can produce this weekly if you prefer.

  • Insite proof only
  • No variance of specs other than quantities. The goal is to setup our machine once and use the paper we have on the floor which saves BIG money for you!
  • We can purchase the mailing list to your choice of zip codes based from household incomes.

Please contact Doug Hay today at for details, to answer any questions and to reserve your space on our press.

MEDIA CONTACT: Doug Hay,, 970-443-3335

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