Something to Do While Stuck at Home: Create Your Own Freestyle Performance

Trafalgar Square Books ( is pleased to announce the release of FREESTYLE: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RIDING, TRAINING, AND COMPETING TO MUSIC by award-winning musical Freestyle designer Sandra Beaulieu. The use of music with horses is truly an art in itself—one that Beaulieu has perfected in her years of experience as a dressage competitor and professional entertainer. In her fantastic resource, she provides everything readers need to know to enjoy making and performing Freestyles of their own—whether for fun or for ribbons.

Discover how to choose suitable music, explore choreography suggestions, and learn basic music editing. Review required movements, then use Beaulieu's expert suggestions for weaving them together. Plus, enjoy a section on preparing exhibition performances—complete with ideas for props and costumes. With plenty of advice for practice as well as putting on a crowd-pleasing show, readers are sure to find all they need, whether their chosen discipline is dressage, Western dressage, Cowboy Dressage, reining,  liberty, breed classes, or quadrilles and drill teams.

296 pages | 284 color photographs | 338 choreography diagrams | interactive links to additional resources

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