Available at State Line Tack: Gatsby™ All-Natural Slow Hay Feeder

The Gatsby™ All-Natural Slow Hay Feeder is designed to provide a natural way for horses to eat while safely slowing down their hay intake. Solid on the back side, the precise 1¾-inch openings on the front side help prevent hay waste by the hasty and rambunctious eater.  Includes an easy-to-hang strap, making it ideal for trailering and at shows. It fits up to one large hay flake and the open top allows for fast and easy loading.  A great choice for keeping stall-bound horses busy.

  • Easy top loading
  • 1 3/4″ square openings
  • Includes easy-to-hang strap

Overall: 27″ tall x 20″ wide, with 6½” gusset
Openings: 1¾”


 MSRP $49.99

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