EIE Featured Articles: Equine Artist, Robert Clark and Easy Tail Exercises to Improve Your Horse’s Balance, Movement, and Self-Carriage  

Equine Info Exchange publishes thought-provoking and entertaining content on a wide variety of topics of interest to our horse-loving audience. Two recently-published articles are sure to inspire and educate:

An Artist’s Life: Living Through Horses and Their People by Robert Clark.  Robert’s mastery as a painter and his passion for horse racing combine to create canvases that freeze a winning moment into a timeless masterpiece. In this piece, Clark shares stories about the horses he painted and the people who own them, including Oscar Performance, Majestic Warrior, Rock Hard Ten, Ghostzapper and many other famous Thoroughbreds.  Take a look at these astounding works of equestrian art, and read his entertaining insights into the lives and careers of these storied racehorses. You might even commission Clark to do a portrait of your horse!  Here’s Clark’s entire story.

Improve the Horse’s Balance, Movement, and Self-Carriage with These Easy Tail Exercises by Margret Henkels – The tail is a major part of the hindquarters puzzle of any horse, of every breed. Many tails are like broomsticks: stiff, unable to bend laterally, or curve upward. Many horses don’t want humans to handle tails at all, while others are fine with it. Complete release of the tail is bodywork that’s key to improving self-carriage and collection.  In this article, learn why one cannot spend too much time releasing a tail.  Short opportunities bring good results, even when the horse snacks, or when we spend time companionably. Horses love this kind of bodywork.

This article is an excerpt from book, Is Your Horse 100%?: Resolve Painful Limitations in the Equine Body with Conformation Balancing and Fascia Fitness by Margaret Henkels, published by Horse and Rider Books. Read the entire article to learn more!

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