Haygain Adds Equivont to Retailer Network

Respiratory health concerns trigger spike in demand.

Equine respiratory health is becoming a hot topic as owners, riders and veterinarians increasingly recognize its critical role in performance and well-being. This helps explain a major spike in interest in Haygain high-temperature hay steaming, which virtually eliminates the microscopic dust, mold and bacteria found in all hay. Along with bedding, these are the main culprits in equine respiratory problems that affect over 80% of active sport horses, often without obvious symptoms.

Horse owners want better barn air for their horses and are turning to Haygain for help.

To keep up with demand for its three hay steaming models, Haygain is adding the innovative equestrian e-commerce site Equivont to its national network of retailers. Established in 2018, Equivont.com connects horse owners with a wide range of products, equipment and services. The manufacturer of hay steamers and ComfortStall recognizes Equivont’s cutting-edge embrace of digital marketing to present products and educate horse owners on their benefits and applications.

Haygain’s three hay steaming models can be found in the Respiratory Health section of the Equivont’s Grooming and Wellness category: “wellness” being the operative term. In addition to the respiratory benefits, steamed hay improves digestion, hydration and nutrition, increases appetite and reduces hay waste. Steamed hay helps horses with a range of allergies, often reducing and sometimes eliminating expensive medications while achieving better results for the horse.

Haygain’s ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring is featured in the Stable Supplies’ Stall Flooring category. ComfortStall is unique in that department because of its proprietary foam that provides cushion and energy return for joint health, and comfort for deep rest and sleep. Its durable, one-piece top cover is sealed to the stall wall. This feature prevents urine from seeping to the stall floor, where harmful ammonia off-gases can accumulate with traditional stall mats. Cleaner barn air is another ComfortStall benefit because it reduces bedding needs to only that required to absorb urine.

Equivont joins SmartPak, FarmVet and Valley Vet Supply as retailers for Haygain’s science-backed horse health products. Hay steamers and ComfortStall can also be purchased on www.haygain.us with financing options that turn a modest monthly investment into major health dividends.

For more information visit www.haygain.us.

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