Road to the Horse 2020 Competitors Set to Shine in 2021

We are saddened to announce that we are unable to host Road to the Horse 2020 as scheduled on June 18-21. The event was originally rescheduled from March to June as we boldly and optimistically moved forward, but due to the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 this is, unfortunately, not possible.

This decision was made in accordance with CDC, federal, state and city guidelines currently in place, limiting crowd size to fewer than 50 people. This was an extremely difficult decision for us, but we know it is in the best interests of our fans, competitors, and crew. In addition to the health of all participants, Road to the Horse must consider what is in the best interest of the colts, who will be turning four years old at the end of the year.

“The Road to the Horse 2020 lineup was unforgettable, and there’s no way this event isn’t going to happen. Every 2020 Championship Competitor and Wild Card will be in Lexington at Road to the Horse 2021 and they’ll have their chance to compete for the title,” states Morris Equine Group Vice President, Patty Tiberg. “Our Back to the Ranch theme couldn’t be more fitting for Road to the Horse 2021. Perseverance, strength, and grit are what we’re made of, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to Road to the Horse 2021.”

All Road to the Horse 2020 ticket holders will receive a full refund. Refunds will automatically be processed and there are no additional steps fans need to take. Ticket holders should allow between 8-12 weeks for their refund to be processed. Additional Road to the Horse ticket information can be found here. Road to the Horse 2021 is scheduled for March 25-28 in Lexington, Kentucky. Road to the Horse 2021 tickets will be available soon. Roadies who are current Legacy Seat Holders will have first option to purchase.

Visit Road to the Horse social media platforms or for upcoming announcements. We sincerely appreciate your patience and ongoing support throughout this evolving situation.

About Road to the Horse (March 25–28, 2021 — Lexington, Kentucky):
Founded in 2003, Road to the Horse strives to entertain and educate fans in the art of natural horsemanship. Road to the Horse challenges the world’s best equestrians to build a partnership with an untrained 3-year-old American Quarter Horse, across three intense days of competition. Fans witness the entire journey, from colt selection, to the final obstacle challenge. Road to the Horse features a $100,000 purse and competitors battle for horsemanship’s most coveted title. Purchase tickets and learn more at .

For more info contact:
Road to the Horse
(D): 940-859-6512

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