Monday, May 18th American Horse Council Webinar

 “From the Front Gate to the Back Fence: How to Be Your Own CEO” with Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen

1 pm Eastern / Noon Central / 11 am Mountain / 10 am Pacific
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When a lightning strike survivor, 5th generation Texas cowboy, and former award-winning national sales rep takes the stage for Monday’s May 18th American Horse Council spring webinar at 1pm Eastern, get ready to ride a virtual range reshaping the future. In a talk for the times, Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen will educate, inspire, and even entertain (oh.. that “waspy” cattle story!) in his makes-the-point-without-PowerPoint presentation, “From the Front Gate to the Back Fence: How to Be Your Own CEO.”

Here’s a sneak peek straight from Scott’s notes:

  • “With the virus, things instantly changed. It put everyone on an even playing field. It’s not the size of the office or barn anymore. It’s who can reach a customer and satisfy their needs – quickly and safely,” says Scott. Then, he hits high gear and tells you how!
  • Hear Scott draw parallels of being struck by lightning in 2005 and how COVID-19 is like that life-changing bolt for our industry, especially when it comes to the attitudes and actions essential to positive recovery.
  • Remember Curly’s secret in the movie City Slickers? Scott’s got a real life version: “Every day is a chapter and your life is a book. I didn’t want any blank chapters.”  What’s your blank chapter?

A captivating speaker and media personality, Scott’s inspired audiences near and far.  Join him Monday, May 18th for AHC’s spring webinar and activate your own inner CEO for success. 1 pm Eastern / Noon Central / 11 am Mountain / 10 am Pacific (via Zoom)

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About Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen:
 He’s not your ordinary 5th generation Texas cowboy with a business degree. In 2005, Scott was struck by lighting—in his head, out his hand—while holding his daughter on her first birthday. She was fine. He had to relearn to read and write.

 Headquartered at Lightning K Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas, Scott’s family owns Knudsen Equine Center, Knudsen Horses, and Knudsen Cattle Company. An AQHA Professional Horseman and AQHA Ambassador, Scott’s ridden rough stock to race horses, team roped, penned, and sorted, ridden cutting horses, worked rescues, and trained Thoroughbreds to Morgans and Mustangs. 

 Scott’s been an award-winning national sales rep for a Fortune 50 company.  He founded and directs the Extreme Trail Horse Association with destinations in the US and Canada.

 Looking for entertainment? Check out Scott’s Cowboy Entrepreneur YouTube Channel

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