Anna Sochocky Announces New Equi-Libris, LLC Website and Equine Blog

Anna Sochocky, a writer, equine literature instructor, and rider, proudly announces the launch of her new website, Equi-Libris. The site, designed by EquiLuxe Marketing, showcases Sochocky’s professional work, services, and the blog, Nicker Notes. The website may be found at

“As an equine writer, I specialize in articles that focus on horses, health, and history of both the animal and their human partners. I also facilitate literature courses about the role of the horse in memoir, fiction, poetry, myth, and legend. The new Covid-19 reality changes the way we learn and interact with each other as an equine community. How equestrians compete, how riders learn, how veterinarians deliver knowledge and care will change.  I strive to offer information, inspiration, and curiosity through the Equi-Libris website.

Viewers of the Equi-Libris website can follow trails of horses, health, and history and:

  • READ stories Sochocky profiles about horses, health, and history in Features;
  • VIEW photos in Galleries;
  • CONTACT Sochocky about story ideas or with feedback about the work;
  • LEARN about the equine-centered literature classes;
  • FOLLOW the Equi-Libris, LLC page on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter.

The Equi-Libris website offers a free subscription to the Nicker Notes blog and welcomes topic ideas, comments, as well as subscribers. Recent posts explored senior horse care, why you should write your horse’s story, and ideas for stay-at-home equestrians.

About Anna Sochocky
Equi-Libris, LLC connects Sochocky’s two dormant passions – writing the horses. As with any equine writer, in the beginning, Sochocky struggled to find her own niche before landing on the subjects of health and history with the horse as the central character.

Does the brand, horses, health, and history connect with your publication, website, or equine business? If so, please contact Anna Sochocky to see if Equi-Libris fits with your part of the equine world. Equi-Libris full website may be found at

Contact Anna Sochocky at for more information.



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