Science Supplements is Now Searching for Partners for US and Canada Retail Opportunities!

Please Contact Us to learn more about our great options for stocking the UK’s #1 rated equine supplement products for your local customers.  We are excited for our North American growth and are ready to expand further.  Since our January 2020 launch in North America, we already have customers coast to coast and throughout Canada and a growing presence in the North America equine nutrition and supplement industry.

Help your customers access the quality, integrity, and proven results of the Science Supplements product line locally by becoming an ambassador for equine health and wellbeing.

We offer our retailers:

  • Full employee training program with follow up support
  • Great margin opportunities
  • Free shipping on bulk orders
  • Negotiated drop shipping options 
  • In-house events (based on proximity and other travel chances) 
  • Creative idea sharing and cross marketing 
  • Social media posts introducing new retailers
  • Shelf edge labels, posters, and displays
  • Fully branded free-standing display unit
  • Product exchange program to keep highest selling items available
  • Customer Loyalty Programs available
  • No cost equine nutrition and management advice for employees and customers supported by a team of equine science Masters, PhDs, and Veterinarians

By offering the Science Supplements product line, you are offering decades of researched ingredients with verified efficacy, full transparency, quality assurance, and the highest safety standards, all available for a wide range of equine needs and conditions – including:

  • Allergies, Immunity, & Respiratory
  • Behavior & Calming
  • Electrolytes with Palatability
  • Hoof, Skin, & Coat
  • Joint Health
  • Muscle & Energy
  • Stomach, Hindgut, & Digestion
  • Vitamin & Mineral Balancers

 Reach out today for more information!

See our full line of products and learn more about our company and staff at and visit our Facebook page Science Supplements – USA to see current research and equine news.  For nutrition questions, call our Toll Free Nutrition Hotline at (844) SCI-SUPP (844-724-7877) or email our Head of Nutrition at

Science Supplements launched its first North America location in 2020 with offices in Greenville SC. This location will offer the same high quality, trusted products produced under the strictest safety and purity guidelines previously only available overseas, as well as offering equine nutrition and management advice at no charge.  Our history of high standards started in 2003 when our founder Dr. David Marlin – a globally regarded leader for equine physiology – saw the need for research based, high standard formulation of equine supplements.  Science Supplements has now grown to an internationally respected company with platforms in 6 countries.  Ingredients are vetted for quality and purity, quantities are backed by clinical trials and proven outcomes, and products are designed for synergy and palatability – all to create truly effective results.  We are so proud to bring a researched, proven, and trusted product line to North America that delivers a wide-range of equine health and performance results. 

Ryan Mulligan, General Manager
Science Supplements, Inc

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