Brooke USA Announces Five New Board Members

Brooke USA – a non-profit, board-led organization, is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of working equines and the people they serve in the developing world – announces the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors. The elected members are all esteemed leaders with a passion for improving the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules, and have been selected to serve alongside an already impressive list of national equestrian and business influencers who guide Brooke USA’s success.

New board members, all passionate equestrians, include:

  • Lisa Bair, a Wellington, Fla. resident is known as a serial healthcare entrepreneur having founded and led service and technology companies supporting the pharmaceutical industry. She enjoys show jumping and is an avid polo enthusiast.
  • Tami Fratis resides in Ocala, Fla. She is an accomplished C-level technology executive and private equity fund manager with more than 30 years of successful investment experience. In her free time, Tami enjoys training at Tamarian Farms Equestrian Center with Roger Van Doreen.
  • Dwayne Hildreth lives San Antonio, Tx.  He recently retired from a prolific career in sales and supply chain management with Nike North America. Dwayne is a Western-style rider and competitor as well as a quarter horse enthusiast.
  • Gill Johnston, originally from England, now calls McDonald, Tenn. her home. She boasts impressive name recognition in equestrian sports, including thoroughbred racing and polo, as well as horse breeding.
  • Julia Wilson, DVM resides in Stillwater, Minn. She is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine and co-founder of the Equitarian Initiative. Julia is an equine veterinarian.

Brooke USA’s Board of Directors is currently led by Chair John Nicholson, who noted about the recent board appointments that, “reaching all facets of the equestrian community across the country remains a priority for this nonprofit, as we work together to expand geographically, reach more supporters and grow Brooke USA for the benefit of people and animals in need across the globe.”

All five of our newest Board members embody the spirit of Brooke USA and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table,” stated Emily Dulin, Executive Director. “We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to increase brand recognition and build a strong foundation of donors and friend throughout the country.”

Brooke USA’s 2020 Board of Directors is comprised of:


  • John Nicholson; Board Chair; Va.
  • David Jones, Immediate Past Chair; N.C.
  • Katherine Kaneb; Vice Chair; Fla.
  • Jim Hamilton, DVM; Treasurer; N.C.
  • Mark Beausoleil; Secretary, Fla.


  • Lisa Bair, Fla.
  • Tami Fratis, Fla.
  • Barbara Gilbert, Fla.
  • Dwayne Hildreth, TX
  • Jane Holderness-Roddam, UK
  • Gill Johnston, Tenn.
  • Laura Rombauer, St. Helena, Calif.
  • Julia Wilson, DVM, Minn.
  • Jim Wolf, N.J.

About Brooke USA: The mission of Broke USA is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules, and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.

Brooke USA does this through a holistic approach to funding which includes capacity building, sustainability programming, female empowerment, and international advocacy. Brooke USA connects private philanthropists with their passion for helping relieve the suffering of working equines and their owners.

Brooke USA raises funds to support a wide variety of programs for working horses, donkeys and mules to help them become (and remain) healthy and happy now and in the long-term, which also benefits the very poor families who depend on those animals to help them earn a living.

Note to the Editor: Full bios of Brooke USA’s new Board of Directors’ additions are available upon request. Please contact Executive Director Emily Dulin at

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Emily Dulin
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