International Judge and Author Linda Allen Provides Insight into Rider Position Development

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Jumping Instructors Network welcomed internationally acclaimed judge, course designer and author, Linda Allen on “The Rider Position Fix-it Show”, a live broadcast hosted by Laura Kelland May. Allen says, “I love this program, and I'm so glad that you're doing it and that you have fabulous people on. It really is a big benefit to the industry, especially at this time.”

Laura Kelland May and Randi Thompson, Jumping Instructors Network founder and co-host, started “The Rider Position Fix-it Show” to discuss equestrian effectiveness and share ideas and exercises to help professionals and their riders during the current pandemic. During the live broadcast Kelland May encouraged people to add their comments and questions for the guests.

“I wanted something more casual and interactive than an interview Q & A format”, says Kelland May. “Because we are going live, and people are taking the time to watch, I really wanted their input and for the audience to be involved with the broadcast”.

Topics discussed during the broadcast were:

  • Training Scale for Jumping Riders

Allen described the rider training scale that outlined rider development and the importance of following a systematic progression.. We often refer to the horse training pyramid, but if you think about rider development there is a sequence of progress that riders also have to follow from beginner rider to training professional. From the base of the triangle, with Balance, through to the tip of the triangle, with Feel, there are steps that should be achieved for a successful effective equestrian.

  • Rider Goals

Rider goals were discussed and how to approach your rider about setting goals. Whether it was a “once a week” recreational rider or high performance competitor, the goals of your clients and realistic goals for your horse should be discussed. Allen outlined the necessity to keep the lines of communication going between rider and trainer to make sure that practical and attainable objectives could be achieved.

  • Helping the Nervous AA Rider

Allen moved on to the final topic which included helping the nervous Adult Amateur Rider. She identified that balance and security is sometimes at the root of some issues for the Adult Amateur Rider.

The moderator for “The Rider Position Fix-it Show”, Kelland May, fielded questions from viewers, which were answered in detail from Linda Allen.

LINDA L. ALLEN competed at Grand Prix level throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe and was a member of the Nations Cup team representing the United States. She has designed Show Jumping courses around the world, Including the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, and she continues to serve as an internationally respected judge, course designer, technical delegate, and clinician. Also is the author of the popular book “101 Jumping Exercises”. Linda Allen’s Website.

LAURA KELLAND MAY, Equestrian Canadian Sr Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Hack judge and Steward and a Competition Coach Specialist is the producer of “The Rider Position Fix-it Show” (Wednesday 1:00 PM EST), “Jumping Instructors Live Show” (Friday 1:00 PM EST)  and the “Jay Duke Show” (Monday 7:30 PM EST) on the Jumping Instructors Network on Facebook. Kelland May is joined by co-host Randi Thompson, the founder of the Jumping Instructors Network.

For more information please contact Laura Kelland May at (613)304-7013 or email To watch the full episode visit Laura Kelland May’s YouTube Channel or watch the replay on Jumping Instructors Network.

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