GGT- Footing Welcomes Grant Seger Sport Horses

Grant Seger of Seger Sport Horses has just become a new ambassador for GGT- Footing.™

Grant and Rebekah Seger met over ten years ago at a farm in their hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Horses have been a major part of both of their lives and reconnected them years later. Together they have a focus on importing top sport horses from Germany. Recently, the Segers moved their farm and family to Aiken, S.C. and added a new baby boy to the family!

Grant is a FEI level rider and is an articulate athlete and rider. He is already making his name known in the jumper arena after his first show back at the Aiken Horse Park.

The Segers are making major improvements to their facility including building a beautiful all weather GGT Footing arena by Shane Doyle Farms, LLC. Shane discussed with Rebekah and Grant the many options for the footing and arena installation.

The option selected includes a special recipe of high-quality manufactured sand mixed with GGT Footing premium jumper blend.  The installation of this sand blended with GGT Footing combines benefits of drainage and support. The installation of French drains provides enhanced drainage for this all-weather arena riding surface.

Shane has terrific mixing equipment allowing him to customize and ultimately install a consistent and thoroughly blended mix of sand and textiles. The arena was ready to ride in the afternoon after Shane and his team were finished that morning.

Shane Doyle has been an authorized GGT Footing installer and dealer for ten years and has been installing arenas for over 20 years. His background in farming, site excavation and driving horses provides a diverse and deep knowledge working with equestrian clients to install arenas.  Shane has competed at the FEI level in combined driving and understands the importance and value of a quality riding and training surface.

Shane farms 600+ acres harvesting 40,000 square bales of Timothy/Orchard Grass hay, and offers custom farming including tillage, seeding and nutrient management.  The specialty farming equipment assists with creating riding surfaces and restoring/installing pastures, paddocks, and grass arenas for equestrian facilities.

For all your arena building needs contact: Shane Doyle @201-572-9476 and visit Shane Doyle Farms website:

 If you are interested in training with Grant Seger, please call 361-249-1606 and visit his website

GGT-Footing™ is the equine footing division of Polysols, Inc. located in Spartanburg S.C. Originally based out of Germany, but due to demand in the USA, a plant was opened ten years ago to accommodate the growing needs. GGT also has accomplished arena builders around the world, ready to serve your every need for arena footing.

Now offering a full line of Arena textile additives, specialty groomers, stall ez mats, arena butterfly matting systems, moisture control, underwater ebb and flow systems and water free solutions by our installers.

Our products are used in private back yard farms to World Class Olympic level venues. GGT-Footing is a world class product that you can afford!

For more information on GGT Footing,™ contact: Cynthia Brewster-Keating at or call 864-804-0011; Visit

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