DiO Launches Calming Lavender Shampoo for Horses and Dogs

Essential oil formula helps decrease anxiety, skin irritation, and inflammation

The maker of all-natural DiO Horse Liniment, announces the launch of DiO Lavender Calming Horse and Dog Shampoo. The shampoo is specially formulated with lavender and Egyptian geranium essential oils and infused with chamomile extract plus aloe to help decrease anxiety and inflammation.

The shampoo is designed to be used with DiO Liniment as part of the horse’s post-training/post-competition care regimen. The first step is bathing the horse with the DiO sulfate-free Lavender Shampoo to promote relaxation followed by applying all-natural DiO Liniment to help prevent and reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

“The DiO Calming Lavender Horse and Dog Shampoo were created due to customer requests for a shampoo with essential oil benefits - particularly their positive psychological benefits of decreasing stress and anxiety and also to support the healing of skin inflammation and irritation,” said Jon Conklin, DiO CEO. “Our customers also wanted a product that was eco-friendly and sulfate-free. We’re thrilled to offer the lavender shampoo to enhance the well-being and care of horses and dogs.”

The shampoo’s benefits include:

  • Biodegradable ~  environmentally friendly
  • Sulfate-free formula that supports maintaining the hair’s essential natural oils
  • Coconut-based surfactant ~ commonly used in baby cleansing products, effectively cleans, and is gentle for sensitive skin
  • Non-drying and helps keep haircoats hydrated
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe to use on other animals including cats
  • Botanical essential oil blend supports relaxation and helps ease skin irritation and inflammation

The products are available in a 32 oz bottle for horses and a 16 oz bottle for dogs.

To purchase online, locate a retailer, or for dealership inquiries visit www.drawliniment.com, call 844-434-6462 or email sales@drawliniment.com.

Follow DiO on Facebook at DrawItOutLiniment, Twitter and Instagram @drawitoutusa, Snapchat: DIOLINIMENT, and YouTube at Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment.

 About DiO
DiO was founded in 2014 by horse industry veterans including Jon Conklin, because they care about horses’ health and well-being and recognized a need for all-natural, chemical-free, safe, and effective products for horses and dogs. DiO’s product line includes: Draw It Out Horse Liniment Concentrate and Gel formulas, Draw It Out Plus Horse Liniment, and Draw It Out Dog Liniment Spray.

Product images available upon request to sales@drawliniment.com

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Jon Conklin

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