West Coast Footings and Newmarket Farm Footing Upgrades!

GGT Footing™ is proud to introduce Newmarket Farm in California.

Newmarket is in San Diego, California and was established in 1990 by CeCe Durante Bloum.

Over the past few decades Newmarket has produced numerous National, Regional and Local Champions from walk trot all the way to the Grand Prix level.

Currently they have an active county program, led by Pat Lautenbach and Gretchen Vosburgh. These two women have been Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association high point trainers eight times!

Their students, ranging in age from 7 to 70, have enjoyed success in the pony, hunter, jumper, and equitation rings.

Newmarket also has a busy ‘A’ circuit program led by Lori DeRosa and Lindsay Ransom.  These students attend large horse shows throughout California and the west coast, as well as National Championships on the east coast. Lori has produced champions in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings and has mentored many top professional riders.

To facilitate these programs, Newmarket has 3 rings as well as a lunging pen.

With approximately 40-45 horses on the property, rings are busy.

Newmarket chose Tractor Dean because they have attended events where he has overseen re- surfacing and maintaining the footing.

When Newmarket was in the market for a footing upgrade, they immediately thought of Tractor Dean because at each event where he has overseen the footing, they thought it was top notch.

Tractor Dean initially came out for an assessment.

Quotes from Newmarket:

“He was very professional in his approach and offered us a variety of options to improve the footing in each ring.

 The largest ring was laser leveled, the base was repaired and a mixture of high-quality sand and GGT footing was added.

 The middle ring was mixed with existing footing, sand and GGT footing.

 The lunging pen received a huge overhaul with a brand-new base and packed with sand.

 Once Dean arrived, he worked tirelessly to finish the project in a timely manner, while also allowing us to have one ring in use most of the time to continue with lessons.

 He worked with us, our crew, and our equipment to make sure we understood how to properly maintain each individual ring for best results.

 Since our largest ring received brand new sand and GGT footing, we were delighted that we were able to get right in the ring and back to training.

 We could not be happier with our new footing! All our horses, both young and old, are benefiting from the increased impact resistance that the GGT -Footing mixture offers.!”  (end quote)

To contact Newmarket Farm please call: (858) 525-3267

For West Coast Footing, call Tractor Dean: (818) 585-6143 or visit his website https://www.westcoastfootings.com/

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