EIE Offers Guidance to Reopening Equestrian Businesses Amidst Covid-19

In 2020, seemingly without warning, the world changed. The COVID-19 virus seemed to attack everywhere, simultaneously. Businesses and lives were disrupted. As we focus on getting back to work safely, Equine Info Exchange is here for you. We continue to publish helpful and informative content that offers important guidance in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the equestrian community. Help is HERE

We must figure out the next steps—how to open our business and how to stay in business in this first and possibly second wave of COVID-19. As horse and business owners, we fully understand the concerns of opening your business and keeping visitors and employees safe. Equine Info Exchange recommends TempDefendTM Solutions that incorporate medical grade FLIR sensors which provide the most functional and robust COVID-19 Thermal Scanning Solution available today.

Thermal sensor technology gives an accurate and affordable solution to alert businesses of individuals who have a heightened temperature (possible infection) status while protecting others in and around your facilities. Cost effective and accurate, Thermal Scanning is a critical component of demonstrating to your customers, local, state and government agencies that your business is taking reasonable protection measures.

TempDefendTM is Safe, Quick, Accurate and Easy to use. Accurate to within ±0.3°~ ±0.5°C.

  • Audio and Visual Instructions on the Screen
  • Voice Command and Control
  • Video Call and Workflow when a User’s Temperature Exceeds Assigned Threshold
  • No Touch Automated Software Upgrades as Laws and Regulatory Compliance Rules Change
  • Analytics and Reporting to Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance
  • Virtual Receptionist, Automated Workflow and Escalation

View the TempDefendTM instructional video at www.bartonrogers.com

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Contact them today at:
Email: TempDefend@BartonRogers.com
Website: www.bartonrogers.com
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“Disaster Preparedness” is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need by Dr. Stacie Boswell, recently published by Horse & Rider Books. Prepare yourself and your horse for a possible disaster and learn about your locale. Evaluate disasters your community has experienced in the past. Look at your terrain and determine what type of disaster is most likely. Consider where, specifically, your horse is housed. He could be at the base of a forest, near a river, or on the plains, rendering him susceptible to fire, flood, or tornadoes. Find your local community emergency response team (CERT), they exist in every state. Learn what they recommend—they know local disasters best. Training and credentialing workshops are available nationwide for individuals interested in learning to be a team member of a certified rescue effort. This article takes you step by step to plan for the unexpected.

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