Honor Your Farrier with a Tribute During National Farriers Week July 5-11

Farriers work hard year-round to provide quality hoof care for horses worldwide. The 22nd annual National Farriers Week, which will take place from July 5-11, 2020, is a time for horse owners, trainers, veterinarians and other members of the equine community to acknowledge the contributions of farriers.

 American Farriers Journal, which has been a farrier industry publication for 45 years, offers several opportunities to honor your farrier during this special week. Once again, we will be featuring “Farriers Spotlight,” an online compilation of farrier tributes submitted to us from across the industry. From now until July 1, you can submit pictures and videos of your farrier and share why you appreciate them. To see past Farriers Spotlights, visit AmericanFarriers.com/spotlight. You can submit a “Farriers Spotlight” here.

We will feature your tributes on social media platforms including  FacebookTwitter, and  LinkedIn, as well as on our website AmericanFarriers.com. Speaking of social media, starting on Sunday, July 5, 2020, several Farriers Week frames will be available to apply to Facebook profile photos. These are available by simply clicking “Update” on your profile picture, choosing “Add Frame,” then typing “Farriers Week” into the search bar. Pick your favorite and show your farrier your support and thanks.

 American Farriers Journal delivers top-notch advice from veteran farriers, veterinarians and researchers from around the world in 8 magazines annually, as well as webinars, videos, virtual events and the largest hoof-care event in the world: International Hoof-Care Summit. www.americanfarriers.cominfo@lessitermedia.com


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