Gatsby® Nylon Halter with Removable Fleece

Do you have a sensitive horse? Then Gatsby® has the halter for you!! Fleece lined halters are a great choice for delicate equines, but the fleece can get dirty and cause more irritation, not less. Enter the Gatsby® Nylon Halter with Removable Fleece!

The fleece lining on the cheeks, crown and nose are attached by hook and loop closures, making them easy to launder, keeping your horse as comfortable as possible. It also features adjustable crown and chin, throatlatch snap and nickel-plated hardware.


  • Hook and loop fleece lining
  • Nickel plated hardware
  • Adjustable chin
  • Throatlatch snap


Cob: 800-1000 lb. (14.2 hh)

Horse: 1100-1300 lb. (15.2 hh)

Item Number:  E028007

Who we are:

We know horses are expensive, and so is finding well-made gear for them that won’t break the bank – that’s why Gatsby’s mission is to offer a variety of quality products at affordable prices. From leather bridles, halters and leads, to horse clothing and stable supplies, polo wraps and saddle pads, Gatsby has the everyday products you need, in fun color options! We welcome you to visit our website to view our entire line in stock and available to ship at

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