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Award-winning writer Katie Navarra is no one trick pony as her new website,, and portfolio prove.  “As a content marketing writer and journalist, I draw from my firsthand experience in the horse industry, and my diverse professional experiences, to deliver content that helps readers and clients solve problems,” said Navarra, who launched the new website in conjunction with her decision in March to go freelance with her services.

“Horses are among my passions, as is journalism, but in today's world, writers have to wear more than a cowboy hat,” she said. Navarra has been writing on topics as diverse yet topically relevant to today’s world as equine and farming, business and leadership, education, landscaping, and yes, the impact of the coronavirus on corporate and private life. will offer an expanded array of high quality communication and publishing services, including news reports, content marketing and writing, podcast and video scriptwriting, case studies and white papers, and webinar decks.

Whether it is for a publication or a marketing strategy, meaningful stories tie into the context of our times, says Navarra, who won first place out of 32 entries for best Service to the Consumer Single Article at this year’s American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards for her sensitive portrayal of horses helping senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease in Horse & Rider magazine. “This is how it is done. Flawless job,” critiqued the AHP Media Awards judges.

Flawlessly moving from print to digital, delivers more great editorial expertise from this skilled storyteller, wordsmith and content strategist, and can help your brand or publication connect with its target audience and drive SEO. Navarra’s content marketing services can be tailored to individuals, and large or small companies looking for high quality content to deliver across multiple media outlets, including print, blogs, case studies, and apps. isn’t a one trick pony but it can be your one best choice in marketing and editorial needs. Start the conversation now

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