Cavallo Introduces New Colors for Miniature Horse Boots; CLBs Now Available in Shiny Pink and Blue

Looking for hoof protection—and a flash of style— for your miniature horses? Cavallo Horse & Rider ( adds two new color options to its line of miniature horse boots. Order the Cute Little Boots (“CLB,” the official boot of the American Miniature Horse Association) in “Unicorn Pink” and “Metallic Blue beginning July 31, 2020. See the new colors at

Cavallo’s CLB line offers 100-percent hoof protection for miniature horses, ponies, and very small equines (VSE). The boots—including the new color options—may be ordered in slim (for narrow hooves) or regular (for round hooves) sole shapes. Find your horse or pony’s perfect fit with the sizing charts at All CLB colors are available in four sizes (M1 – M4). The boots are now sold in pairs.

 A Comfortable Fit

The boots’ upper portions provide soft foam collars for comfort. The boots go on easily, conform to individual hooves, and pastern shapes, and they are proven to stay on. Each boot can fit a left or right foot and can be used on both front and rear hooves. The boots have replaceable Velcro straps with reflective logos for extra safety. The inside bulb area is foam padded and covered in supple full-grain genuine leather.

CLB Testimonials 

“Without a big indoor arena, the only place we can teach our miniature horses to drive a cart is on a long gravel driveway. Our Cavallo hoof boots protect their hooves from the rocks while driving. Our mini, Hughie (TWFS Moonlight Playboy), would not have been able to win World Champion in a driving class this year without his Cavallo Hoof Boots. He moves great in them and it does not affect his action. He has never had a boot slide off while working. The boots are great for all minis from therapy visits to anywhere you want to take your minis that might be slick or rocky.”

-Kerri, Eric, and Megan Postletheweight, AMHA members

The boots are sold in pairs for an MSRP of $109.90.

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 Visit to learn about the full line of Cavallo Hoof Boots. Call (877) 818-0037 from the USA or Canada or call direct, (604) 740-0037.

Cavallo Horse & Rider


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