Perspectives on Fear and Safety for Horse & Rider – An Equitopia Online Conference

Equitopia’s second themed online conference kicks off on 1st and 2nd August featuring four top class speakers from three continents.

Asked why this topic was chosen, Irish born founder, Caroline Hegarty, replied that “Fear and safety are subjects that don’t seem to be talked about and acknowledged enough given that it is likely that most horses and riders will have a situation relating to fear at least once and, more likely, numerous times during their lifetime.  Furthermore”, she added, “the tools we have used historically for dealing with these situations need to be updated based on the current research and evidence available to us, so I thought it would be a great idea to deal with multiple perspectives of fear and safety so that the whole picture can be better understood and addressed.”

The conference features some well-known speakers and researchers who will speak on a variety of subject matters from evidence-based perspectives delivering presentations designed to raise awareness and offer appropriate tools to address situations involving fear of either horse, rider, or both.

Dr. Andrew McLean will be participating from Australia and will be speaking about Current Issues in Equestrianism from the Viewpoint of Safety.

Dr. John Madigan of UC Davis will be presenting on The Evolutionary Biology of Fear in the Equine.

Helen Grace O’Hanlon from Ireland will talk on the subject to Mental and Emotional Collection for the Human.

From Canada, Dr. Allen Schoen will present from a neuroscience perspective on Transforming Trans-species Fear into Compassion.

“The better we understand the processes of what happens in the case of fear of either horse of human and the potential path to solutions,” Ms. Hegarty added, “the better equipped we will be to deal with the situation appropriately while preserving the welfare of both horse and rider.”

The conference will be live with the recording available for 7 days after the event.

Tickets and more information available here:

Contact: Caroline Hegarty, CEO
Phone: (707) 704 4904

Photos and Interviews available upon request

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