From the Research Farm to Your Feed Room:  Applying Study Results to Improve KER EO-3™

Kentucky Equine Research is proud to debut an improved version of EO-3™, its popular marine-derived omega-3 supplement, featuring a new flavor.

The benefits of omega-3 supplementation include anti-inflammatory effects as well as support of skin and coat health, and reproductive health for mares and stallions. Studies at the Kentucky Equine Research Performance Center in Ocala have also demonstrated changes to indicators of post-exercise recovery following supplementation with EO-3.

“EO-3 is one of our proven products for athletic and breeding horses,” explains Matthew T. Butler, vice president of sales. “With a dedicated customer base worldwide, it’s a top product in the line.”

One factor that limited the use of EO-3, however, was its palatability. While many horses consumed it without objection, others were turned off by its odor and flavor, particularly after it had been stored for long periods of time. Therefore, the research team launched a series of studies to understand and improve its appeal to horses.

“We use emerging research, advances in ingredients and manufacturing techniques, and customer feedback to regularly improve our product line,” says research coordinator Ashlee Hauss, who led the studies. “We don’t take changes to popular, established products lightly, so we commit to extensive research before we offer an improved product.”

Over the course of several months, the team performed the studies using sustainably-produced menhaden fish oil refined through different methods, and trialing a variety of flavors at different levels of inclusion. These multiple stages resulted in a winning combination that was found to be four times as palatable to horses in the research herd.

The new EO-3 undergoes additional distillation, which removes specific compounds that can increase “fishy” odors over time and with exposure to heat, without removing or altering the important beneficial fatty acids. The winning flavor through multiple preference studies conducted at Kentucky Equine Research is a mild apple with a slight minty essence.

If you’ve previously tried EO-3, or would like to use a marine-derived omega-3 but have a picky horse, try the new and improved EO-3.

“It’s quite exciting for us to see substantial time and effort in research come together to produce what we believe to be a truly improved version of a product that already performed well,” Hauss said. “At Kentucky Equine Research, we always strive for ‘even better’.

Kentucky Equine Research is an international equine nutrition research, consultation, and product development company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry's knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses. For more information, see or call 888-873-1988.

Erin Ryder Hsu

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