EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine Horse Joint Supplement Launches in the United States

Equine veterinary research-backed product repairs, restores, and protects cartilage, supports optimized performance

Soundness Solutions announces the United States launch of EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine, an FEI safe oral horse joint and soft tissue supplement. The research-backed supplement repairs, restores, and protects cartilage to support optimized performance.

The product, created by equine veterinarians, Dr. Jose Lopez Velarde and Dr. Gerardo Rosas, has undergone 15+ years of rigorous research and testing.  All product ingredients are manufactured in the United States and are of the highest human food-grade quality. The formula is FEI safe and does not test.  A free veterinary consultation is offered prior to product purchase.

The filler-free supplement is manufactured of a proprietary blend of 8 all-natural ingredients including glucosamine sulfate, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), omega 3, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin sulfate, manganese, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid. It is packaged in sturdy 3.3 lb canisters.

“EkiJoint advances the process of collagen production. Joints are covered by collagen. When we introduce EkiJoint into the body it prevents and stops the joint wear, and it prevents all kinds of injuries. Diamonte Negro only had a hoof bruise in his whole racing career, never any other setbacks. When the training starts it’s in that instant that I would recommend the regular use of EkiJoint,” shared Patricia Montalvo, DVM, veterinarian for Thoroughbred Diamonte Negro, 3-time winner of Hippodromo de las Americas Race.

“It is a preventive strategy, regardless of the performance of any given horse. I recommend it for any problems - any sort of fissures, soft tissue, intraarticular injuries and more. I’ve used it successfully not only as a treatment but as preventive care,” continued Montalvo. “It reduces the recovery time of 60% or more. So with EkiJoint prescribed a horse can continue its training on the track and get back to competition. That is my experience with the product.”

Benefits include:


Accelerates healing of tendons, ligaments, and bones by creating a cartilage patch that fills in gaps where connective tissue has previously eroded.

RESTORES: Regains joint space and renews  joint strength. Assists in remodeling of connective tissue and bone.

PROTECTS: Lubricates joints by increasing healthy synovial fluid, improves shock absorption, and supports bone density.

Recommended for:

Increasing synovial fluid

Arthritic conditions/DJD


Soft tissue injuries

Post-surgery/ chip removal

Support for infectious arthritis

Acute or chronic tendonitis and tenosynovitis

Managing ringbone

Tendon/ligament support

Reducing osteophytes/bone spurs

Improving navicular syndrome



“With EkiJoint I’ve seen that they don’t get sore, that they have a very productive race career because they are not injured, and you don’t have to stop them, you don’t have to quit training them and losing all this time to get them sound. It’ll keep them sound, it worked for me,” noted Paula Martinez, owner of Diamonte Negro. “Racehorses are under a lot of pressure; their joints are very compromised in the workouts and the race itself. We have a lot of injuries in racehorses so I recommend it 100%, it will strengthen, and it will minimize injuries.”

“We are very excited to be partnered with equine veterinarians and creators Dr. Jose Lopez Velarde and Dr. Gerardo Rosas on this phenomenal product that has been used successfully in many performance horses in Mexico for over 5 years. Dr. Velarde, FEI veterinarian, wanted to create a product that truly addressed cartilage structure repair. As Dr. Velarde simply states ‘arthritis is not inflammation of the joint; it is the loss of cartilage’,” emphasized Jaime Collins, Soundness Solutions, US exclusive distributor for EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine.

“His product vision was to optimize joint health for all equine athletes competing in demanding disciplines: polo, hunter/jumper, racing, reining, and more. As a result, he created EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine, a filler-free supplement that specifically supports all aspects of joint and connective tissue restoration and preventative health,” added Collins.

About Soundness Solutions
Our mission is to recommend and represent cutting edge technologies for horses that have been scientifically proven and validated to promote wellness, prevent injuries, and provide accelerated recovery and optimized performance.

Austin, TX, based Soundness Solutions is the exclusive United States distributor of EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine, a research-backed equine oral supplement for joint and soft tissue maintenance and repair.

In addition, Soundness Solutions sells and offers rentals of Multi Radiance Medical therapeutic lasers for use in horses, cattle, dogs, pigs, cats, birds, and other animals. The lasers have been used for 20+ years in the medical and veterinary industries.

To purchase EkiJoint Gold Collagen and/or learn more about Multi Radiance Medical lasers, contact Jaime Collins at info@soundesssolutions.com or call/text 239-777-1166. Visit the website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

About EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine
Developed by veterinarians and backed by 10+ years of research, EkiJoint Gold Collagen +Plus Equine is scientifically proven and validated to protect, repair, and restore joint health, as well as optimize tendon and ligament healing. For more information, to purchase products, or to schedule a free veterinary consultation, please visit our website, call/text 239-777-1166, or email info@ekijointgoldusa.com.

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Jaime Collins
Soundness Solutions
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Phone: 239-777-1166

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