National Weather Service Spotlights Lightning Survivor Scott Knudsen

NOAA has a saying, “When thunder roars, go indoors!”  There was no thunder—not a drop of rain—when 5th generation Texas Cowboy Scott Knudsen got struck in the head 15 years ago holding his baby girl by the barn, on her first birthday. Scott’s story reached the radar of the National Weather Service this summer, in time for its annual Lightning Safety Awareness campaign, landing the AQHA professional horseman and ambassador in the national spotlight, while racking up 30,000+ Facebook hits the first three days alone, from North America to Australia, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, and Russia to France, among points around the globe.

When admitted weather geek and Horse Radio Network founder Glenn Hebert got wind of the story, he booked Scott on his hit podcast “Horses in the Morning,” to share the remarkable tale. Hear it here:

“I learned a lot about the power of being positive from being hit,” says Scott, who had to relearn to read and write. (His daughter was fine.) “It made us closer as a family. It’s also where our Lightning K brand and the ranch name came from.”

For anyone in summer storm country, check the NWS Lightning Safety website for guidance on backcountry lighting risk management:

See NSW’s “Last Resort Outdoor Risk Reduction Tips” for details on reducing the risk of being struck by lightning.

“In a way, your horse is  your personal weather alert system,” reflects Scott, who’s ever-attentive to fast changing conditions at his Texas Hill Country ranch. “When you’re out riding, especially when there’s no cell service, listen to your horse. They pay attention to all the little details. When you’re riding, you can feel a horse getting tense. Their body gets tight, they elevate their necks, and their ears start twitching. What they’re doing is trying to figure out what’s going on and alerting the other horses—and us, too, if we listen.”

About Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen:
As host of his online show Cowboy Entrepreneur®, 5th generation Texas cowboy Scott Knudsen takes viewers behind the scenes with horse world personalities and events, spotlighting the upbeat side of life at the crossroads of horses and business.  Available on Facebook and YouTube, new shows feature: Best-selling author Robin Hutton (Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse); Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Founding Partner, Cowboy Dressage World; and Ryan and Jenna Mulligan of Science Supplements.

Headquartered at Lightning K Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas, his family owns Knudsen Equine Center, Knudsen Horses, and Knudsen Cattle Company. An AQHA Professional Horseman and AQHA Ambassador, Scott’s ridden rough stock to race horses, team roped, penned, and sorted, ridden cutting horses, worked rescues, and trained Thoroughbreds to Morgans and Mustangs. 

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