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Horse&Rider is your resource to live today’s Western horse life. Editors and co-hosts Michaela and Nichole chat about the industry’s latest news and their personal horse-life adventures and then sit down to talk with your favorite horsemen and -women. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, The Ride is where Western horse lovers can get their fix. Listen to the most-recent episodes with Warwick Schiller, Brianna Noble, Kelly Altschwager, and Matt Mills.

 E21 Warwick Schiller:  Schiller is an NRHA reserve world champion and represented Australia at the 2010 and 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. He works with riders of all disciplines to help them solves horse problems by changing the rider’s perspective. A long-time contributor to Horse&Rider, Schiller offers insight to his training methods and how they’re are constantly evolving.

E22 Brianna Noble: Noble’s rise to social-media fame came when a photo of her riding her horse through a protest started to go viral. While we touch on Noble’s efforts as an activist, we take a deep dive into how she’s become the horsewoman that she is today, and what she’s doing for the children in her community with The Humble Project.

E24 Kelly Altschwager: Altschwager, a longtime rider and nutrition and fitness expert, created Western Workouts to help riders get in the shape so they can be the best rider they can be. After many years of collaborating with Altschwager, and even producing fitness videos designed for riders through Horse&Rider OnDemand, we sit down to talk with her to learn more about her horse life and how she shaped her passion for fitness, nutrition, and riding into a business!

E25 Matt Mills: If you’ve watched Yellowstone or The Last Cowboy on the Paramount Network, then it’s likely you’ve seen Mills on your TV screen! National Reining Horse Association professional Matt Mills joins us to chat about his life as a TV personality and how he found his life passion in reining after growing up in southern California.

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