Horizon Structures Presents Series….Sometimes The Simplest Storage Solutions Are The Best

All horse barns need an area to store necessary supplies needed to care for horses. Hay, shavings or other bedding products, tack and equipment, grain, supplements and health care items all need a clean, dry space to live.

The ability to secure expensive supplies under lock and key, protected from theft and poor weather, infestations of vermin and other critters, is also a useful adjunct to a horse property. For the backyard horse owner, the ability to stock up on supplies provides peace of mind when winter months approach and travel to obtain supplies can be difficult. Issues with the supply chain of grains and certain horse products during the ongoing pandemic justifiably make horse owners nervous about just how they would manage without a reserve of daily provisions for their beloved horses, especially when grass is not available during the winter season.

The simplest solution is often the best, and storage needs can be quickly addressed with the instant delivery of a storage shed.

Shed options come in many shapes and sizes, and can be ordered online with a ‘to the penny price’ that includes delivery and set up. A minimum site preparation requirement and the ability to maneuver a shed with a ‘mule’ machine into hard to access areas, make the humble shed a great choice for those with limited space.

A barn style mini hywall shed with a gambrel design roof is a great option to maximize storage space over a small footprint, but there are an endless array of designs available that enable the horse owner to select what suits their individual needs and budget.

Modern day sheds are not your grandfather’s shed either – the dark spider infested hut at the end of the garden where you were dispatched to find garden tools you didn’t recognize by their names and sought around for in the vague hope of finding what was needed without knocking everything over are long gone.

Today sheds not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are sided with low maintenance materials in an assortment of colors, shingle or metal roof options and even cupolas and weathervanes can be constructed on top. Gable vents, roof vents, open soffits and windows address passive ventilation needs. Doors can be single or doublewide, allowing easy access for larger equipment such as gators and ATV’s and room to work to stack and store hay bales and other supplies.

Floors can be coated with a Polyurea coating for easy clean up, and a good manufacturer will provide a sturdy structure built on pressure treated lumber with a solid frame wellcrafted for longevity. Sheds can be insulated to minimize temperature fluctuation and prevent condensation within the space.

Do not be fooled into purchasing a shed from a lot that you pass on your daily commute, the better option is to buy online directly from the manufacturer where you can have the shed customized to suit your particular preferences.

The new shed can be color matched to your house or horse barn, decorated with windowboxes, porches may be added to the gambrel end for a spot to sit during sunny weather.

Shopping for a shed online is fun. Don’t forget larger manufacturers will also offer financing options, full warranties and timely delivery.

Order now rather than later. Winter is just around the corner and wait times at this time of year are generally longer than usual as demand is high.

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