Horse Owners Surveyed on Why They Switch Farriers

A new American Farriers Journal survey is asking horse owners to share the reasons that they might have had for changing farriers. The goal is to help hoof-care professionals work more effectively with horse owners, trainers and riders.

Horse owners will need less than 10 minutes to share their thoughts in this survey. In exchange for sharing their opinions, horse owners will receive a FREE downloadable report that offers valuable tips on how to safely manage their horses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report explains what you should do to avoid spreading disease and viruses and includes a valuable downloadable checklist for keeping horses safe during these trying times.

Horse owners can go to complete the survey. The deadline for completing the survey is September 30.

For more than 45 years, American Farriers Journal has devoted itself to fulfilling the ever-changing educational needs of North American farriers. As the hands-on content provider for hoof-care professionals, the publication concentrates on providing in-depth coverage of topics of special interest to the footcare community.

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Frank Lessiter
American Farriers Journal

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