Freelance Communicator Claudia Dineen Helps Equine Businesses Stand Out Online

Freelance content writer Claudia Dineen is multi-talented and loves to help people. She’s a horse owner, rider, competitor, and the founder of Runaway Writing. Today Dineen is announcing the launch of Runaway Writing’s new website,

Specializing in online educational programs, including courses, eBooks, and webinars, Dineen puts her over 20 years of instructional design experience to work helping equine businesses share their knowledge and build their brand recognition and authority on the web.

“Online programs are a great way to stay connected with existing customers while reaching out to new potential customers! Horse people love to learn,” Dineen says. “Trainers, veterinarians, nutritionists, supplement creators, farriers, behaviorists, chiropractors, feed stores, saddle makers… now is the perfect time to promote your expertise, products, and services. Going online is an opportunity to expand your market as far and wide as you can possibly imagine.”

A life-long learner, Dineen recently became certified as an SEO content writer and is currently upgrading her B2B copywriting skills. To achieve SEO certification, she spent over 200 classroom hours (virtually, of course) learning how people search the internet, how search engines decide what content to display in response to those searches, and how to prepare engaging content that both the searchers and search engines will love. Download her free Basic SEO Checklist to learn more.

“I compete as an amateur in ranch versatility classes – and boy do I have a lot to learn,” explains Dineen. “As an owner and rider myself, I am the equine industry’s target market. I’m one of those people searching the web for products and services, so I’m very aware of the competition that equine businesses face! I knew I had to beef up my skills to bring the most value to this industry.”

In addition to educational content, Dineen also writes researched and optimized long and short-form articles for the web, website core page content, white papers, case studies, product descriptions, scripts, and more.

“I want to write for equine businesses because it’s an industry I know and am passionate about.  I speak the language.  I use the products and services,” says Dineen. “People get into the industry because they have an ability – through skills or ideas – to improve the lives of horses and horse people.  I’m thrilled to help them, and their businesses grow and prosper!”

 Writing from the “Heart of Horse Country” in Tioga, Texas, Dineen is looking forward to helping equine businesses engage their target audience and grow their revenue with creative, informative digital content for website pages and online programs. Claudia is also an experienced project manager who can help you knock out that growing “to-do” list at the office.

Dineen is excited to meet you and learn more about how she can help you and your business. Visit to schedule a discovery call and to see examples of her work.

Contact: Claudia Dineen
(817) 313-3422
Runaway Writing

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