AdultAmmyStrong Celebrates Five Years of Connecting the Adult Amateur Equestrian Community

September marks the fifth anniversary of AdultAmmyStrong, a platform that has helped inspire, connect and support the adult amateur equestrian community.

AdultAmmyStrong was launched not really knowing where this journey would lead. “All I knew is that I wasn't alone in the struggles of being a working adult amateur equestrian,” said Sarah Mahoney, founder of AdultAmmyStrong. “And because I wasn't alone in the struggles, we shouldn't be alone in our times of triumph.”

The adult amateur equestrian community is a tough-as-nails, supportive and encouraging group of equestrians doing their best for the animals and sport they love. So much time, effort and money go into horsemanship, riding and showing as an adult amateur equestrian.

“From the start where I was horseless, to horse shopping and my first days with my Off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding Wow (JC: Distribution, Unbridled’s Song–Sweet Catomine, Storm Cat), his health issues and rehoming him, to moving, leasing and riding confidently again, you've all experienced this journey with me and I can't imagine it any other way,” said Mahoney.

Amateurs always find a way to make it work. They will take lunch breaks at the barn to hold horses for the farrier or to be there for the vet appointment. They sometimes forego family vacations to save money to add one more show to the schedule or to afford yet another vet bill. Besides each other, adult amateur equestrians often lean on loving and supportive spouses, family and friends, some of whom may not fully understand the passion for equestrian sport.

“We owe it to ourselves to look around once in a while and revel in what we do and how we do it,” said Mahoney. “No, it's not always glamorous horse shows and blue ribbons. It's about those times when your horse nickers to you, spending hours at the barn with friends, sunny Sunday hacks around the property, and that ear-to-ear grin on your face leaving the ring with your best friend after a great show – whatever that means to you, blue ribbon or not.”

AdultAmmyStrong wouldn't be the amazing community it is without the many adult amateurs who share encouraging words during the good and bad times with someone whom they may have never met, but can wholeheartedly relate to.

Mahoney has made wonderful connections and provided opportunities to curate and engage in conversations that may not have been possible without the support of the adult amateur equestrian community.

Founded by Sarah Mahoney in 2015, AdultAmmyStrong is a platform to connect the adult amateur equestrian community. Balancing life in and out of the saddle is something that all adult amateur equestrians face. Full-time jobs, family and many other aspects of life can affect time at the barn and in the saddle. For working adult amateurs, riding should be a way to escape and let go of some of life’s stressors. AdultAmmyStrong uses the common bond of the passion for equestrian sport to share and support in the trials, tribulations and successes of the adult amateur equestrian.

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