Third Annual Virtual Gaits Wide Open Championship Show Coming in October

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) has partnered with North American Western Dressage (NAWD) to offer gaited horses the opportunity to compete in the third annual Gaits Wide Open (GWO) Virtual Dressage Championship.

This show runs from October 1-31, 2020. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from FOSH, the first 50 people to sign up will receive two free entries from selected English or Western IJA Dressage tests.

This year’s show will be judged by two NAWD Judges. In addition to their NAWD Judging Licenses, one of this year’s judges also holds a USDF L with Distinction license and the other is also a Senior IJA Gaited Horse dressage judge. Competitors will receive test results from both judges. Scores will be averaged for placings.

Please enter only ONE horse/rider combination per registration. There is a limit of two free tests per rider (for the first 50 entrants), but you may enter more and add tests for $27 each throughout the show duration. Dressage on a Dime through NAWD also gives you the opportunity to ride more tests anytime during the year for $27 for feedback to continue your journey of improvement with your horse.

What You Need to Do

  1. Find details on the NAWD website ( under the Gaits Wide Open link in the Calendar Section.
  2. Sign up for your two free tests. You may add additional tests for $27 each.
  3. Set up your dressage court. All you need is a flat, level space to ride and letters placed correctly.
  4. Make sure you review the rules from NAWD and IJA/FOSH.
  5. Video your rides, upload to your own channel on YouTube, and send a link to
  6. Watch for an email from NAWD Show Management that contains a link to your own private vault where your score sheets will be kept.

This virtual show offers tests from the Independent Judges Association (IJA), which are specially designed for gaited horses:









NAWD and FOSH honor classical principles and believe that dressage is applicable to all breeds and can help horses live healthy and happy lives. Any breed of horse can benefit, and we honor the basic principles found in the training scale - rhythm, relaxation, suppleness, straightness, connection and, finally, collection.

About Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH): FOSH is a 501c3 membership organization that welcomes participation by owners of all gaited horses to join and support the gaited horse in all equine pleasures and disciplines. It has a robust set of resources for the gaited horse enthusiast whose needs are often not addressed in mainstream media or clubs. FOSH is a national leader in promoting, supporting and protecting gaited horses.  FOSH is known for its work to end soring of Tennessee Walking Horses through its public database of violators, and 60 years’ archive of soring articles. For more information, visit

 About North American Western Dressage (NAWD): NAWD is a membership organization with a mission to provide resources for members to learn how Classical Dressage principles can help the Western Horse become a better partner, improve performance for any discipline, and enhance equine soundness and long-term health. They believe Dressage is for all riders and horses, regardless of breed, size, color, talent, educational background, prior discipline, or financial status. As a result, they strive to keep participation affordable for their members and work with other clubs and associations to make dressage accessible. For more information, visit

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