Just Released Title: Coherent Horsemanship – Combining the Quantum and the Classical by Adrienne Neary, Brings Intelligent Life to Horsemanship

Certified Reiki practitioner and classical dressage trainer Adrienne Neary is pleased to announce the release of her e-book Coherent Horsemanship. This practical hands-on guide brings art and science together to teach readers how to communicate with confidence in all things Equus related.

Neary’s narrative challenges the rider to think differently about how they experience interactions with their horse. Through simple exercises horse owners from all riding disciplines are encouraged to discover and develop their own inherent abilities to engage with their horses utilizing energy scan techniques to realize their own potential and aptness, and­­ to tune into a harmonious frequency with their horse.

This thought provoking, intelligently written book delves into the science of quantum physics in an approachable manner. It cleverly combines time-tested Reiki style energy practices to access the horse’s mind like never before together with time-tested classical dressage training basics. It cleverly combines time-tested Reiki style energy practices to access the horse’s mind like never before with time-tested classical dressage training basics, to successfully engage both horse and rider on another level.

Universai, quantum physics, paradigms, polyvagal theory, chi and chakras are discussed in this accessible text that carries the rider through theory to practical. Neary’s certification as a Reiki Practitioner, having learned directly from the esteemed Dr. John Harvey Gray in the USUI Tradition, provides expert guidance for the reader in the importance of mindfulness and energy awareness.

The book additionally encompasses the A,B,C’s of building blocks for the basic training of any horse, with flat-work exercises in the saddle based on Neary’s extensive experience in dressage classicism through her training with the renowned Dr. H.L.M. van Schaik, to furnish the reader with a ‘masterplan’ for training where the trainer is indeed, not the master.

Neary explains her philosophy on training horses using Coherent Horsemanship:

“We need to fill an important gap and need to be a dependable, empathetic partner. We need to be steadfast, consistent, wise, accurate and grounded. Horses are much more likely to accept and ‘believe’ in our friendship and leadership, if we embody these aspects both internally and externally.

Coherence is an exceptionally efficient physiological state. The nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems, all work harmoniously. It is the highest level of function for our bodies, and can be thought of as an optimal performance level. Accessed primarily through conscious breathing, coherence allows your heart the freedom to function without the influence of defense mechanisms. It is a state characterized by ‘least effort and maximum benefit.”

Neary’s talent to access horse and rider through smart science and tested traditions make this title unique. Many horse owners have experienced those sometimes elusive and transitory moments of complete harmony and connection with their horses. This book facilitates a better understanding as to how and why those moments occur, how to better access them, and how to transcend to a permanent new level of coherence in their horse/human relationship.

“I wrote Coherent Horsemanship in an attempt to provide a voice for many, many horses, and many, many people. Like many others, I thought my destiny would unfold in the competitive arena of Dressage. It just didn’t turn out that way. My horses seemed to conspire with my students, steering me into uncharted territory; challenging me to help in ways I was mostly unprepared for. They constantly informed me with their vast, invaluable and unspoken experiences. For many years, I delved into the ubiquitous harm/stress/behavior paradigm and came to a new understanding of pain’s purpose. It led me into an entirely new practice and instruction platform. I truly believe that we can collectively improve countless lives from now on. In the spirit the Horse and Human Masters who taught me, I felt it the best honor I can bestow, “ states Neary.

Coherent Horsemanship can be purchased directly from https://beechtreearts.com/ MSRP $16.99.

Requests for review copies are welcomed. Kindly email Adrienne@beechtreearts.com

Additionally, Adrienne Neary is available for interviews and podcasts, keen to enlighten horse owners across the globe on Coherent Horsemanship and to share her wealth of knowledge to help brighten the lives of horses and the humans that train and care for them. Please call Neary directly at 603-848-8459 to make a booking.

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