Paso Fino Horse Association 2020 Amateur and Youth of the Year

The Paso Fino Horse Association Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2020 Amateur of the Year and Youth of the Year, presented at the 2020 Grand National Show in Perry, GA.

The PFHA Amateur Committee offers an annual Amateur of the Year Award. The award is special recognition to one of our amateurs who demonstrates excellence in the show ring at the regional and or national level, including honors, awards and commendations  as well as having shown substantial and sustained contributions to the breed at the local, regional and national level, including efforts supporting youth and promotion of the breed. Finally, a candidate must exhibit sportsmanship and skill in riding, exhibiting, management and care of the horse. Jeanne Griggs personifies these criteria.

Jeanne Griggs is a dedicated member of PFHA and Piedmont PFHA exhibiting great horsemanship and sportsmanship qualities, always offering her sincere congratulations to her opponents. She is very willing to assist and support others with a gracious and appreciative attitude. When it comes to sharing her love of horses, Jeanne is very generous with the youth of our association and to the youth in her community. Whether it’s lending her horse to a youth to compete, taking her horse to community events to give ‘pony’ rides, or competing in a costume class with a youth, Jeanne is willing to accommodate others. Jeanne has been successful in the show ring at local, regional and national level in many divisions. An avid trail rider, Jeanne has participated in the Trail Horse Test, qualifying her mare, Amapola de Eco as a senior trail certified horse.

Jeanne has devoted countless, selfless volunteer hours, serving the breed in leadership at the local and national level. In January, having completed the PFHA requirements, she became a PFHA Certified Steward and is in the process of completing the USEF requirements to become a USEF licensed steward. Jeanne’s contributions to our breed, her desire to promote the breed, her love and appreciation for the horses and her ‘never met a stranger’ personality make her the perfect recipient for the Amateur of the Year Award.

The PFHA Youth of the Year Award provides special recognition to one PFHA Youth Rider who has achieved excellence as a PFHA Youth Rider at PFHA shows or other Paso Fino programs and events at the regional and/or national level as demonstrated by honors, awards, and commendations. The candidate must exhibit conduct becoming of a sports enthusiast including but not limited to integrity, honest rivalry, and graceful acceptance of results. Finally, the candidate must exhibit excellence in skill of riding, exhibiting, and the care and well-being of their horses. PFHA Youth Committee is proud to present the 2020 Youth of the Year to Billieanna Miranda.

Nominated by Mills Equestrian Center, Billieanna has been a youth rider there since 2017, demonstrating her abilities to ride a range of horses, from the most difficult to the best easy-going horse on the farm.  She exhibits outstanding horsemanship and shows very well carried equitation. Billieanna has consistently performed at the highest level at regional shows and became the Grand National Equitation Rider with Dalia De Las Arias. Billieanna has actively promoted the Paso Fino by participating in exhibiting at the 4-H Shows, Ocala Breeders Supply Store one day exhibition, and The Live Oak International exhibition 2020.

“Whether inside the showring or on a trail ride Billieanna’s passion and enthusiasm makes her a true ambassador for the Paso Fino Horse,” shares the leadership at Mills Equestrian Center.


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The Mission of the Paso Fino Horse Association shall be to protect and promote the best interests and welfare of the Paso Fino horse; to protect and maintain the integrity of the Registry, and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino horse; promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the Paso Fino horse; and provide and support member services.

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