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The Plaid Horse is happy to announce the release of its latest podcast episodes featuring Kristen de Marco, Timothy Lynch, Linda Mancini, Barbara Blasko, Lauren Hough, Rebecca Hunt, Sarah Maslin Nir and Tom O’Mara. Join the hosts of The Plaidcast, Piper Klemm, Ph.D. and Tonya Johnston, for in-depth conversations on topics that matter — horsemanship, collegiate equestrian, the state of our sport and horse show, and how-to’s for riders at every level.

Episode 195: Piper and Jane are joined by Kristen de Marco and Dr. Timothy Lynch to talk about rehabilitating people and horses.

Episode 194: Piper and Traci are joined by Linda Mancini to talk about judging and breeding and Barbara Blasko to discuss organizing your horse’s medical records.

Episode 193: Mental skills coach, Tonya Johnston, welcomes Olympic show jumping rider Lauren Hough. Lauren is a three-time Pan American medalist and has represented Team USA at the Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games.

Episode 192: Piper and Traci chat with Rebecca Hunt about how to protect your barn and horses during a natural disaster and Sarah Maslin Nir to discuss a new, must-read book.

Episode 191: Piper and Cira are joined by Tom O’Mara to talk about his new role as the US Equestrian President-Elect.

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