Randi Thompson Hands Over the Reins to How to Market Your Horse Business

Breaking News! Randi Thompson of Horse and Rider Awareness has announced she is handing over the reins of the multi-award-winning How to Market Your Horse Business Facebook page and website.

“How to Market Your Horse Business has changed my life,” says Thompson. “My experience there taught me how social media really works. During the time, How to Market Your Horse Business won so many awards, including winning the prestigious, Social Media Examiner Top Facebook Business page.  During that time, I had considered going full time into marketing, however, that was not where my heart wanted to be.  I began creating more Facebook pages that have also been very successful and focused more on them with what I learned from How to Market Your Horse Business. Those include the Dressage Instructors Network, Jumping Instructors Network, Ladies Horse Society, and Horse and Rider Awareness and Movers and Shakers of the Horse World.”

Thompson continues, “After great thought, I decided it was time to find a new home for How to Market Your Horse business and added a post to that page that offered it for sale.  It was important for me to find someone who would not spam the page with ads and self-promotions instead of sharing what the fans enjoy the most – Inspiration, articles that help people with their business and a news feed not filled with their ads. After considering who contacted me, I found someone who I feel will be able to fill my boots at How To Market Your Horse Business and give you the quality posts, along with the services that horse business owners need to make your dreams come true.”

Thompson announced on Friday, September 25 during a Facebook Live video on the How to Market Your Horse Business Facebook page that Denise Alvarez of Stormlily Marketing will be taking the reins moving forward. You can watch the replay online at https://www.facebook.com/howtomarketyourhorsebusiness.

“Randi has poured so much love and time into building this community of horse businesses and I’m honored that she trusts me to continue with what she’s built,’ says Alvarez. “Moving forward, my plan is to continue providing valuable resources along with strategies and doable marketing tips for horse business owners. I’ll also be releasing a new podcast and Facebook community/group called How to Market Your Horse Business as another free resource to serve the horse industry. The future is bright for horse business owners and I’m grateful to be along for the journey!”

Would you like to feature Randi Thompson or Denise Alvarez in an interview or publication?  Contact Randi at randi@randithompsonlive.com or call:  828-697-4274

Randi Thompson is the Founder of Horse and Rider Awareness Programs that include: Horse and Rider Awareness, Jumping Instructors, Dressage Instructors, How to Market Your Horse Business, Ladies Horse Society, Movers and Shakers of the Horse World, Horse Expert Witness and Consultant.

Contact:  Randi Thompson
Phone: (828) 697-4274
Email: randi@randithompsonlive.com

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