Train Your Horse Classically and Add Equine Energy Work at Home Using Your Own Knowledge, Background and Experience

In her new book Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical, Adrienne Neary offers detailed information for the ‘stay at home horse person’. This new work is your companion and guide for deepening your awareness, skill and rapport with horses.

It combines time-tested energy practices with time-tested classical dressage practices, engaging both horse and rider on more subtle levels. Neary’s certification as a Reiki Practitioner by the esteemed Dr. John Harvey Gray in the USUI Tradition, provides expert guidance for the reader in the importance of mindfulness and energy awareness.

She delivers the essence and importance of this work in an accessible and immediately adoptable way. You will learn the essentials of equine energy work, how to keep energy records for your horse, and how to practice a well-developed equine energy work protocol.

You will also learn a valuable, proven, progressive classical routine to use as a foundation for your sport horse, strengthen horses recovering from injuries, and as a biomechanical diagnostic tool for both you and your horse. The book encompasses building blocks for any horse and rider, based on Neary’s extensive experience in dressage classicism through her training with the renowned Dr. H.L.M. van Schaik.

“I wrote Coherent Horsemanship in an attempt to provide a voice for many, many horses, and many, many people. Years ago, I thought my destiny would unfold in the competitive arena of Dressage. It just didn’t turn out that way. My students and horses maneuvered me into uncharted territory; challenging me to help in ways I was mostly unprepared for. They constantly informed me with their vast, invaluable and unspoken experiences. For many years, I delved into the ubiquitous harm/stress/behavior paradigm and came to a new understanding of pain’s purpose. It led me into an entirely new practice and instruction platform. I truly believe that we can collectively improve countless lives from now on. In the spirit the Horse and Human Masters who taught me, I felt that writing about and illustrating this knowledge was the best honor I could bestow.“

What are others saying about this book?

I love your philosophy, your descriptions, your obvious desire to really reach the reader. This book fills an empty niche in the market. – S Jackson

It’s a beautiful piece of work. - J Rainville

…there is a lot to be learned from this – for those with and without a horse. - K Epstein

You have amazingly connected things that transpire in the “horse world”, to all that matters in our entire world. Isn’t it all about “people doing something better”?  I LOVE reading your book! - K Paginis

Give this important DIY gift to yourself and your horses! - E Kennedy

Coherent Horsemanship can be purchased directly from

MSRP $12.99. Site-wide sale through January. Beautiful equine anatomy charts are also available for Equine Professionals and Enthusiasts.

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Additionally, Adrienne Neary is available for interviews and podcasts, keen to enlighten horse owners across the globe on Coherent Horsemanship and to share her wealth of knowledge to help brighten the lives of horses and the humans that train and care for them. Please call Neary directly at 603-848-8459 to make a booking.

About Beech Tree Arts: Beech Tree Arts supports horse people with empowering horse products and specializes in artistically educating horse people with products such as insightful horse books, beautifully designed equine anatomy charts, and thoughtful blog entries.

About Adrienne N. Neary: Internationally recognized equine digital artist and producer of equine anatomy charts. Author of Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical, Equine researcher, and writer.

I’m passionate about well-being, regardless of species, color, species, color. It really doesn’t matter if it’s my house, my dog, my cat, my horse, my friend, my family, someone I’ve met, or someone I haven’t met ‘yet’. I’ve learned it’s not about what ‘the other guy is doing’, but what I do that either enables stagnation, harm or change. Naturally employing what’s easy and natural to every individual cell and idea in the Universe; Love, Cooperation, Joy, Compassion and Understanding, we can experience ‘Oneness’ with all things, without hurting and without judgement. This allows us to evolve together instead of constantly injecting our beliefs, attitudes, and limits into each other and into our future. Make sense? Let’s connect. Visit or .

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