Equitopia Announces New Live Lecture Series from Dr Gerd Heuschmann

Join Equitopia’s two part lecture series with world renowned International Trainer, Author, Veterinarian and lecturer, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, as he helps to illuminate some of the most common misconceptions and problems in training of the basics of balance in walk, trot and canter for the young or remedial horse.

“Experience is a great teacher,” says Equitopia founder, Caroline Hegarty, “and we must take advantage of the knowledge and experience of those who have spent many years perfecting their craft through both their unfortunate and fortunate mistakes, research and results, so that we can better protect our horses from the side effects of our well intentioned but sometimes costly efforts of misguided training protocols that may lack the ‘on the ground’  input from such experiences.”

“Having ridden thousands of horses over the years, from young horses to remedial horses and having studied the works of the masters, the evolving research on equine and human biomechanics, coupled with my experiences as a Veterinarian,” says Heuschmann, “I feel I have accumulated valuable advice for those who are seeking that harmonious, light, joyful feeling of riding a horse that is empowered to move in a way that does not compromise their well being, but rather enhances the innate beauty of their movement while allowing us the privilege  to be a part of it.”

Equitopia is proud to present this opportunity to learn from one of the best, ask questions and get the benefit of this lifetime of experience, with the goal of guiding equestrians and equine professionals in their individual journeys towards being better custodians of our equine partners.

Join us on 19th and 20th October for this live event.  Recording will be available for 7 days after event.

For more information and registration: https://www.equitopiacenter.com/event/problems-and-solutions-for-the-most-common-training-issues/

Contact:  Caroline Hegarty, Caroline@equitopiacenter.com


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