Cavallo Introduces 3M Reflective Straps for Trek Hoof Boots

Equestrians often rue the shorter days of fall and winter. If you’re riding out on the trail or alongside roads in the afternoon or evening, make sure that your horse can be seen. Cavallo Horse & Rider ( introduces a reflective strap for your horse’s Trek hoof boots. The 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective-material straps are easy to switch out and attach to your current Cavallo TrekHoof Boots with a secure, Velcro® backing. Grab your reflective straps now at

“Our mounted patrol customers requested that we find a way to add reflective material to their boots,” says Cavallo CEO Greg Giles. “They are proactive when it comes to safety and they wear high visibility vests and clothing. We think all mounted patrol should have this added safety feature on their boots. We loved the idea and wanted to make this safety feature available to all riders. If you’re riding near or across roadways, make sure you can be seen.”

Reflective-Riding Testimonials 

Cavallo customers reacted positively in the past when just the center circle of the Trek straps were reflective. Now, the optional, fully reflective straps will help horses be seen even more.

“Wow, what can I say? Today I tested out my Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots and they are just phenomenal! I took Ollie on a two and half-hour long hack with basically all the terrain you could think of! They took us over tarmac, deep mud, sandy tracks, deep water, grass, stones, pebbles, varying terrain, gravel, and streams, without even coming loose! Usually, Ollie is very footy and his hooves get completely worn to the sole when doing even just a small hack, however with his Cavallos, he was striding out with confidence, and his cavities stayed stone-free.  I honestly think he loves them, he felt like he was bouncing in trot, and the reflective ovals on the front and back, along with overreach protection built- in, covering the whole bulbs, I really think you can’t go wrong!”

—@ollie_the_horse via Instagram

The straps are sold as a pair for MSRP $14.95.

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